I have a complicated history with these parts of myself

– let's call them the doggish parts

I was groomed to be an individual,
to display my notorious set of canines

but then I noticed their absence

the teeth had been removed, and my soft mouth–

An acute sensitivity to the precarious state of the present and an uncertainty of my own agency within it have me groping for predictable comforts. I stand against the onslaught of activity both inside and outside my body. I shift my body, relieving pressure in one area only to let it settle in another. In an effort to keep my footing, I reach out to touch things. Objects and images act as placeholders for thoughts, for less tangible desires and hungers. I move them around in an attempt to organize them, unsure if I want to embody them. These small dramas of insecurity play out in fits and starts, in stuttering and gaping holes, conspicuous pretending or mocking. Funny in their flailing, they offer a kind of pathos and humor that becomes a means of survival when confronting fundamental insecurities – like the ability to name one’s hunger and feed it. Ultimately I attempt to create spaces to rest, to float, to interrupt the everyday project of coherent self and world-making.

Born in Columbus Ohio, I am currently based in Eugene Oregon where I earned my MFA at the University of Oregon. I hold a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design and a BA in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University. 


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